Ed Fringe Interviews: Rhiannon Willans, "Year Without Summer"


Year Without Summer, Sweet Grassmarket, every day except Wednesdays, 5:30 pm

Year Without Summer is a retelling of history from a woman's perspective. It’s about Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein. It’s about her and her sister, Claire Claremont, whom history has forgotten. Together they tell the story of writing Frankenstein, but from the women’s perspective. Our director wrote the play, and he’s been working on this show for ages. 

38797043_2130454903908816_6402396817731878912_n.jpgWhat’s the best thing about the Fringe?

There are shows EVERYWHERE! There’s something around every corner. No one judges you—yesterday I had yellow and pink eyeshadow on, and no one batted an eye (pun intended). It’s such a supportive, artistic place.

What’s the worst?

Flyering. Flyering younger people is easier, but sometimes flyering people who don't want to be flyers can be demoralizing.

Favorite show so far?

Lights Over Tesco Car Park, and Loneliness and Other Adventuresit’s about the stigma of women being alone, and how female friendships have as strong a love as romantic relationships. It's first show I’ve seen that got a standing ovation straight away. It's student theatre, and it was absolutely brilliant!

Projects you’re looking to work/collaborate on in the future:

Any female collaborators! I love working with other young people in theatre who are emerging. I love things that are wacky and fun. I also love classical texts, like Shakespeare.

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