Ed Fringe Interviews: Bella Humphries, "Love Admin"


Love Admin, Paradise in the Vault, 12:30 pm, until the 11th

Tell me about Love Admin. 

It’s a two hander stand-up comedy show— myself and my friend Alice. It’s about everyone looking for love in different ways and in different places, but we’re all looking for the same thing. Alice and I met a year ago, and the show has been developing as the run continues. I originally came to stand up when I joined the Soho Theatre Young Company as a playwright -- I decided I couldn't write a play, but I could write jokes! The show was born from there.  

What’s the best thing about the Fringe?

Getting to perform our show, and getting to perform with Alice. It’s so nice to do something you’ve worked really hard on with your best friend.

What’s the worst?

The constant flying! Being flyered, doing the flyering — I know it has to be done, but it’s tricky.

Favorite show so far?

Harriey Kemsly’s show Slutty Joan. It’s about the #MeToo movement!

Projects you’re looking to work/collaborate on in the future:

I do stand up and acting, so either of those things!

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