Ed Fringe Interview: Suzy Ward, "Re: Production"


Re: Production, 5:15, Zoo Southside (every day except August 15) 

Tell me about Re: Production.

Re:Production is a show about choice. It’s about a couple going through the stages of love, and figuring out what’s next. In 2018, 40 years on from the first IVF success, what are the assumptions we make today about having kids? I’m the director, and the playwright and I run a company called White Slate. The style of theatre is all about creating conversations, whether that be in the theatre with the audience, or in workshops/collaboration.

RePro9What’s the best thing about the Fringe?

For me, it’s always being able to see people I already know, and developing more friendships — that amazing blend between loving people’s work and getting to know people as well.


What’s the worst?

Tiredness, and perseverance.

Favorite show so far?

A piece called Daughter that’s on at Canada Hub (Summerhall). I would probably give it 5 stars, because it was so powerful and thought-provoking—but the content is horrible. It was an honest piece about a man who becomes a dad, and admits all these horrendousthings he’s thought and done to women.

Projects you’re looking to work/collaborate on in the future:

The next show that we’re looking at is about public scandal, and who might be complicit/ are the unspoken victims—the wives, mothers, or others who are attached to a crime, but it’s not necessarily their fault. But if they’re in the public eye, do they have a duty to step up?

Anything else?

Our next project in the autumn is based in Canterbury, working with isolated adults, such as new parents with babies, people who are homeless, older, or refugees. We’re going to adult discussion groups looking at theatre, identity, and poetry, with a focus on getting people to be creative. That’s a big part of how we create conversations; It’s our style, but also our heart as well.

Photo credit: James Richard Photography

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