Ed Fringe Interview: Charlotte McEvoy, "Good Vibes Only"


Good Vibes Only —The Space on North Bridge, 5:20, every day until August 18th (not Sunday August 12)

Tell me about Good Vibes Only. 

It started off as a political theatre performance exam for a second year module at uni. I went around and interviewed classmates, employees, and the public about their experiences with sex toys. It was inspired by [actress and performance artist] Anna Deveare Smith — I performed monologues as these different characters. I extended it, and did more interviews, and redrafted it. My co-director, Izzy, suggested we take it to the Fringe. We gave it a story line with actual characters, because an hour of verbatim isa lot! It went from a five-minute collection of monologues to a 50-minute full length show.


What’s the best thing about the Fringe?

Seeing shows that are new now and that you know will grow into something amazing. Last year I saw Dust by Milly Thomas, and now it’s transferring to the West End. You follow the shows here on social media, and get to see them grow and develop. It's rewarding supporting them here at the Fringe. 

What’s the worst?

Everything clashes with your show. I’ve never been here just as an audience member—it would be expensive, but I’d get to see everything. And so many things clash with my show. But sometimes you just know things will tour and you’ll get to see them again.

Favorite show so far?

Dressed by This Egg. This Egg was started by a University of East Anglia grad, where everyone in my company graduated from as well. It would have been a phenomenal show anyway, but seeing someone from the same uni was great. I follow the girl who the story is about on social media, and I get to see the ways in which it’s a true story. That was amazing, as was Lights Over Tesco Car Park and Model Behaviour.

Projects you’re looking to work/collaborate on in the future:

 I like doing interviews, and building a show around them. I want to do one on emergency services and call operators. For Good Vibes Only, we’ve teamed up with the Terrence Higgins Trust. I’d love to collaborate with a charity that works with first responders, and to meet people like that and talk to them.

Anything else?

I want people to learn something from Good Vibes Only. There are so many characters and perspectives in the show, but I want you to take something personal away from it. We want to de-stigmatize talking about personal sexual pleasure—especially for men. I did a lot of really interesting interviews with men who noted that it was something that wasn’t talked about in their communities or with each other, or even in relationships. 

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