A Blog of One's Own: Welcome!


Virginia Woolf famously bemoaned how potential women writers lacked a ‘room of one’s own’ in which they could create and imagine with the same freedom as men. For women and non-binary people in theatre, we think the need for equal resources is the same. But rather than solitude, we need connection to make our work—mentorship, audiences, collaborators. Women actors don’t get to perform with each other enough, technicians are too often isolated by gender, and creative leaders struggle to garner the same mentorship and championing that bolsters the careers of their male peers. As our name suggests, no woman should be an island; we must strive to make each other part of the main conversations in our industry. This is the problem that Part of the Main aims to solve. Yes, we want to make art about women and that speaks to women. But as a company, we also want to create places and resources for women in the industry. As a new company, we may not have the same money, building space, or influence to offer as more established institutions, but we nevertheless intend to start creating ‘rooms’ in which women can create and collaborate with the resources we do have.

This blog is our first step. We want it to be a virtual space for artists to share ideas, to spotlight themselves and each other, to find kindred thinkers and imaginers, to commiserate and problem solve, and to mentor and boost each other.

Our very first blog post is therefore an invitation. While our early blog posts are going to be coming from company members and a few of the folks we already know, we want to grow quickly to hearing from people we might have never met otherwise!

We want to meet you, learn from you, work with you, and connect you to all the other women and non-binary artists interested in the same things. So if you have an idea for a blog post—whether that be an issue you’re facing in your field, an amazing solution or way of working you’ve discovered, a trend you see emerging, or a really cool potential mentor you want an excuse to interview—we hope you will email us your pitch.

Welcome to Part of the Main’s blog. Don’t be an island!